Looking Further

Sarah Penchyna of Looking Further will provide public high school students in Pachuca, Mexico, with tools to develop a 'life project,' documenting their skills, capabilities and economic scope in order to develop and achieve their short and long-term goals, as well as explore the ways that teenage pregnancy can impact those goals.


GamFruits is a climate-smart fruit farm in Gunjur, Gambia that provides a hub for farmers to discuss matters affecting their daily farm practices, offering them a centre for outdoor learning in agriculture. GamFruits will also produce and sell healthy, nutritious, and affordable fruit to members of the community.

One Urban Garden

Issues of food security have wide-reaching implications for people and the environment, particularly in low and middle-income countries. One Urban Garden aims to promote urban agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa by establishing integrated, organic urban farms that will serve as production, training, and seedling distribution centres.


Luisa Reyes is launching Sisterwork in New Jersey to inspire young women's leadership in her community. Utilizing design-thinking, creative expression, and social-emotional learning, Sisterwork will help young women engage with their communities to discover new possibilities, connect with role models, and gain early-career experiences.

Luisa Reyes

Luisa Sophia Reyes is a Davis Scholar majoring in Economics at Wellesley College. She is the Founder of Sisterwork, a young women’s leadership and career development program to empower economic mobility in New Brunswick, NJ. She brings experience in start-up business development, non-profit program coordination, and development of new initiatives to support her work and team at Sisterwork. She draws inspiration from her life experiences, community and passion to create tools, spaces and stronger systems that empower women and youth.

Claudette Igiraneza

Claudette Igiraneza,22, is a young Rwandan social activist and social entrepreneur. Claudette is a graduate of Bridge2Rwanda, a highly competitive gap year program that assists talented African students attend international colleges and return to lead their country. Claudette is currently in her 3rd year pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental health and doing minors in public health and anthropology at the American University of Beirut.

Sua IT

Sua IT is a social venture that seeks to advance computer literacy to school children in rural communities. This project will use mobile information and communications technology (ICT) learning units using a unique curriculum, learning materials, and laptops which will be powered by generators. This will facilitate learning and skills development in ICT for these children. Mobility is achieved by the ease of transferring the units from one community to another with minimal set-up time.

Golda Afoakwa

Golda is passionate about building supply chains that mutually benefit her community’s economic development. She is the co-founder of Sua IT, a social venture that advances computer literacy to children in the rural communities. During her undergraduate studies, she applied her business and finance acumen to consult entrepreneurs in her community which led to the set up of three mobile banking businesses in her home country, Ghana. She has gained relevant work experiences in Pacific Savings and Loans, Verified Group of Companies, Megaton Coffee and Ironwood Ventures.

Douglas Amoo-Sargon

Douglas Amoo-Sargon is a life long learner. He is part of the first cohort of the International Accelerated Degree Program between Arizona State University and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana. He is currently in the second year of his masters program in the field of biomedical engineering with focus in medical imaging and imaging analysis. He is a member of Young African Leaders Initiative and National Society of Black Engineers. He was selected to be a Resolution Project fellow for his project titled Sua IT which seeks to advance