Animal Welfare

Resolution Fellows understand that the biodiversity of our planet, as well as the special psychological bond that owners have with their pets, denotes a cause worth investing in.

Resolution Fellows understand that the biodiversity of our planet, as well as the special psychological bond that owners have with their pets, denotes a cause worth investing in.

Wings of the Night

By creating housing for indigenous insectivorous bats in Maijuna, Peru, Wings of the Night combats malaria-carrying mosquitoes in a unique, eco-friendly, and inexpensive manner.  Construction of bat houses will encourage nesting of indigenous bats, which can eat more than 1,000 mosquitoes per hour, in villages which the highest incidences of malaria to help foster a relationship between people and misunderstood bats and to rid one village at a time of malaria.

Tyler Vogel

Tyler Vogel is from Oelwein, Iowa and is currently a student at Wartburg College. He is pursuing a Bachelor of the Arts Degree in Biology with minors in Business Administration and Social Entrepreneurship. Vogel serves as Student Body Recorder and is also involved on campus with the Ambassador Program as Vice President of Communication. He is interested in environmental policy, ecology, medicine, and management. He was previously vice president of Iowa DECA and is now currently a work study in the Wartburg Admissions Department.

Isaac Chikuse

Isaac Chikuse grew up in Blantyre, Malawi. Isaac is a graduate of HGIC, an International College in Ghana, and is currently studying Computer Information Systems and Business Administration student at Wartburg College. Isaac assists in organizing activities for an International Club, an on-campus organization promoting cultural diversity and integrity. He is also a member of the African Congress, an African students club on campus and mainly assists in organizing also its activities and programs.

Ana Julante

Born and raised in Angola, Ana Julante is a graduate from the United World College of Southern Africa (UWCSA) Waterford Kamhlaba, where she had the opportunity to live and learn with students from different nations and nurture the value of service. Ana is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics with Minors in Data Analytics and Social Entrepreneurship at Wartburg College. She is the president of the Net Impact chapter at Wartburg College and she is motivated to change her community with creative and innovative solutions.  

Casa de Áak

Casa de Áak will work to increase the population of sea turtles through programs of conservation and education around Champerico, Guatemala.  The venture will educate both young people and fishermen about the importance of conserving the turtles, and will establish a hatchery to protect turtle eggs, with a long-term goal of turtle conservation.  Anderson is also a leader in the USAID-funded SEED program for Latin American youth to study in the United States.  As a brief final note, this is Resolution’s first wildlife conservation venture!

Anderson Lima

Anderson is from Champerico, Guatemala and studies Quality Technology at St. Louis Community College as part of the Scholarships for Education and Economic Development (SEED) program, funded by USAID and administered by CIED/Georgetown University.  Anderson is training to become a change agent to help improve conditions in his community and country.  He spent his childhood admiring and enjoying the beauty of the marine and coastal ecosystems.

Six Foods

We use crickets milled into a flour to make tortilla chips (Chirps) that are familiar to Americans. We want to normalize insect foods, starting with snacks to meat. The goal is to substitute animal protein with insect protein, thus converting livestock farming to insect farming. By doing so, we will reduce land & water usage, and green gases.


Rose Wang

Rose is the CEO/co-founder of Six Foods, a company that is normalizing insects as a more sustainable protein. Rose worked in strategy and marketing at Nutraclick and Microsoft. In college, Rose managed HSA Cleaners and The Harvard Shop through Harvard Student Agencies, managing an annual budget of $1.5M. She also has a passion for education and sits on the board of an Kenyan education non-profit, Wema Inc. She founded Six Foods at the age of 22 (after eating a scorpion in China).