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Esnath Divasoni
Earth University
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Esnath Divasoni is a CAMFED and MasterCard Foundation Scholar. She is currently at EARTH University in Costa Rica pursuing a career in agricultural sciences. She is also a member of CAMA, the Alumnae Association for CAMFED Graduates, and a pan-African movement that works to break the cycle of poverty. As a student leader, she is the welfare manager for the African Students Association at EARTH University and is also the chapter chairperson for the CAMA Network in Costa Rica. Esnath is passionate about community development and sustainable food production hence she founded Jumping Protein, a venture that focuses on the sustainable production of protein from insects to help in the reduction of malnutrition especially among children. She is also the co-founder of Glorified Community Empowerment Trust, which focuses on skills sharing and poverty alleviation. Esnath knows she is a product of community involvement and would like to dedicate her time and skills to give back and support the community.