Wed, 02/28/2018
General Assembly
902 Broadway 4th Floor
New York , NY

There has never been a greater opportunity for problem-solvers and innovators to make a difference through SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP than there is today. Many people have the energy, will, and vision to solve global problems, but they often lack access to the capital, training, and support necessary to transform their ideas into reality. The Resolution Project has been identifying and activating social entrepreneurs since 2007 through its robust Fellowship program that provides funding, mentorship, and access to world class resources to promising young leaders. This panel series will tap into Resolution’s vast community of 350 social entrepreneurs, more than 500 volunteers, and nearly 100 social sector organizations to share key learnings on how to start, scale, and measure a successful social venture.


Oliver Libby (Moderator), Chair & Co-Founder of The Resolution Project, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Hatzimemos / Libby

Leila Janah, Founder & CEO, Samasource & LXMI

Derrius Quarles, Co-Founder & CTO, BREAUX Capital & Million Dollar Scholar, Founder, DQ and Partners

Hannah Calhoon, Managing Director, Blue Ridge Labs@Robin Hood

Veronica Olazabal, Director - Measurement, Evaluation & Organizational Performance, The Rockefeller Foundation

Event Type: New York Social