Why Youth?

Why Youth aims to encourage students in Belgrade to recognize the important leadership roles they can play in developing their communities. Stefan and his team will deliver a leadership development curriculum in schools, building students' social skills, awareness, and self-confidence. Why Youth will create strong young leaders who take the initiative in creating positive change.

Stefan Raicevic

Stefan was born in Bar, Montenegro and graduated from the local primary and high school. After finishing his first year of high school, Stefan was chosen as a scholar of the U.S. State Department’s Young Leaders Exchange ASMYLE. Through this program, Stefan spent one year in the United States. He graduated in the top 10 of both his American and native high school and started studying law at the University of Belgrade in September 2014. 


This team has designed a new solar-powered cooker system which they will deploy in villages in Ghana. Training youth to build and maintain the cookers, they will reduce time spent on gathering firewood, reduce the health risks of wood/charcoal-burning cook fires in homes, and provide employment opportunities in their social business.